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We take care of the gynaecological aspect 360 degree, offering high level diagnostical and therapeutically paths, of which you can benefit easily on mornings a tour divisional clinic, or by choosing a trusted specialist consulting in the afternoons.
In case our multiple clinic treatments should not be suitable to solve the eventual disease and should be needed surgery, we can offer an excellent surgical team for all mini-invasive laparoscopic, laparotomy, vaginal and urinary incontinence surgery.
Operating rooms available are state of the art, equipment is continuously updated, anaesthesiologists have great experience and are extremely competent.
The impatient ward is a brand new concept and prepared with electrical and ergonomic beds, further the nursing staff highly specialized, offers a continuous and humanized assistance.
Patient which chooses surgery a tour nursing home, are listed on a surgery schedule completely affiliated to the SSN, and waiting times are less than the public ones.
Instead, you can choose our multiple agreements with the major insurance companies and in this case, it is available a payer area, dedicated to intramoenia hospitalization.
Entrust, heal and surgery at Santa Famiglia is a safe and untroubled choice.


  • For book an apointment please call our FREE TOLL NUMBER 800.500.022 or use the Online Request form