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Neonatology at Santa Famiglia Nursing Home gives assistance and specialized care to the new born since birth till over discharge.
In caring both physiological and pathological new born, medical and nursing staff takes advantage of the most modern assistance modalities.
Particular sensitivity is given to care “humanization” issues , designed to endorse the various steps of relation between the new born, physiological or pathological, and his parents, with a special regard to breast feeding.
Health care for new born and family, performed via effective action, places continuously a spotlight on attention and assessment of rights and needs of the young patient and his parents.
Neonatology :
• Wants to represent and attractive reason for the “birth path” through a high quality medical-nursing assistance to the new born, physiological and pathological.
• Offer to the user assistance and specialized care at the moment of birth and during rooming or hospitalization at the nursery, ensuring screening and prevention programs before and after discharge.
• Pursue “humanization” of care target, in order to facilitate relation between the new born and his family, by special attention on breast feeding promotion.
• Give assistance to pathological new born which need particular levels of caring (Sub intensive therapy, intermediate and minimum therapy), through the most modern technologies available.
• Relate with Obstetrics department for a better integration of assistance activities respecting the related skills.
During discharge a detailed report is given to new born parents, summarising the hospitalization period, the main laboratory data and the performed instrumental analysis and post-discharge checks and eventual necessary checks needed to evaluate the new born health (otoacoustic emissions, bilirubin, eventual ultrasound checks).
After discharge, Santa Famiglia paediatricians suggest the following tests:
Paediatric surgeries
Check with the neonatologist 5 days after birth to control and evaluate breast feeding and growth.
Free professional studies:
- Monthly paediatric consultations to evaluate monthly growth and feeding till the sixth month
- Paediatric consultations + vaccination (booking required with approximately 30 days in advance in order to check availability of vaccines)
- Annual paediatric consultation.
Ultrasound surgery
- Hip ultrasound for new born between the fourth and sixth week of age in order to evaluate and prevent congenital hip dysplasia.
- Paediatric kidney ultrasound is a screening examination recommended for all infant between the second and third month of age.
- Encephalitic ultrasound performable on neonatologist recommendation for particular clinic issues.
Cardiological surgery
- Evaluation of EKG (electrocardiogram) 40 days after birth for all new born together with cardiological consultation.
- Echocolordoppler evaluation recommended by the treating paediatrician.


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Pronto Neonatologo

  • Nasce in Santa Famiglia il nuovo servizio di assistenza telefonica "Pronto Neonatologo";
    telefonando al numero 389.6048176 il lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì dalle 12.00 alle 13.00 avrai a tua disposizione un pediatra che ti assisterà durante le tappe della tua nuova avventura di mamma