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Service dedicated for the endorsement of maternity both during pregnancy and childbirth following the WHO guide lines, making the mother protagonist of her own path, both at home and in delivery room, respecting as much as possible physiology.
What we are trying to support is a maternity and birth culture which respects at the most choices, desires, culture of each single mother. We believe in the importance of respecting the physiological rhythm of the labour, in the listening of the pregnant woman voice as she is the only one who can understand what the better position and condition for her childbirth are.
The obstetrics or gynaecological professional figure give a discrete support to woman/couple, without imposing established patterns and trying to keep an intimate and familiar environment. Everything ensuring a prompt and appropriate action when necessary.
Our service basic points in the delivery rooms and in the nursing home department are: focus on the mother in the delivery room, an obstetric assistance discreet and respectful of physiology and couple desires, late clamp of the cord, the immediate contact skin to skin of mother and child, immediate breast feeding ensuring the option of "breast crawl", rooming in with breast feeding room assistance (and house assistance if requested)


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